Beyond Academics

Outdoor education

Outdoor education programmes help in organized learning that takes place amidst nature. The programs often involve residential or journey based experiences in which students participates in a variety of adventurous challenges such as hiking, climbing, ropes courses and group games. Outdoor education draws upon the philosophy and theory of experiential education helps in imparting life skills.

Home Science Clubs

Environment - Science - Maths - Computers


Developmentally responsive schools involve families as partners in the education of their children. They welcome families, keep them well informed, help them develop their expectations and skills to support learning, and assure their participation in decision-making. The school actively promotes strong links with parents to ensure that at all times people are kept fully informed of any concerns the school or parents may have. The school desires and encourages a strong and transparent one-to-one relationship with parents. A variety of avenues are provided for close interaction and partnership with parents, where the academic profile and general demeanor of each student is discussed in detail. Open House Days to discuss areas of mutual concern and interest Parent - Teacher meetings Parent involvement in school activities

  • Regular communication through the student diary
  • Voluntary support from parents in conducting seminars and workshops
  • Accompanying students and teachers on school trips.
  • Resources

Performing and Theatre Arts

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music - Indian- Western

Visual Arts

  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Designing
  • Sculpture



Creative Writing


Community Service